About Rob

“From animals to painting my passion runs deep.”

As a practising veterinarian Rob has always been drawn to and fascinated by animals. Painting has allowed him to merge his passions for animals and art.

As the owner of Hayes Barton Animal Hospital he took the opportunity to decorate the office 0.IMG_0843with some of his paintings and the positive feedback inspired him to enter some area shows. After much encouragement Rob finally opened his own gallery space in downtown Raleigh.

“Rob Manchester, for me, also falls into the visionary folk-art genre…The titles of Manchester’s paintings are indicators as to what inspires his humorous and quirky works…Manchester is a story teller.”

Soni Martin, FSU Professor of Visual Arts, Up and Coming Weekly

Rob paints with acrylics on everything from canvas to found materials and objects. While animals are featured prominently in his work his inspiration is diverse. The only requirement he has is that what he paints has to be fun in some way.

“I’m trying to stamp out seriousness.”